horse rescue

Jeremy and Geronimo

This letter is from Jeremy's mom. After reading The Outside of a Horse, she took the time to write, and was kind enough to send me this picture of Jeremy and his friend, Geronimo.

"My son, who is 12, and I have read your book. After he read it, we decided to volunteer at one of the horse rescue facilities near our home. I started riding horses when I was 13 and I owned 2 . . . because when I get a horse, I commit to it fully. Jenny, my quarter horse, was euthanized 3 years ago because her arthritis was so severe. She was 24. Because I really have a hard time saying goodbye, I haven't had any more. Your book made me cry so many times. The grief I felt each time I had to say goodbye to my beloved horses came up several times while reading. Your book inspired us to get involved. I thought I was okay with not having horses in my life but after volunteering, I realized that they are and always will be a huge part of my. Thank you for the beautiful story and for the inspiration." Penny in Colorado