giant squid

A Peek beneath the Pollution: What's down there?

You did it. Michelle Stauffer's and Justin Lewis' A Documentary About Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic Ocean raised the necessary funds through Kickstarter. It then seemed like a week of thinking and learning about our oceans. Here are some treats.

David Gallo on life in Deep Oceans

Quote from this TED talk: "What we see when we look back in time, in the rocks and sediments, is a record of earth history. Everything on this planet, everything, works by cycles and rhythms. The continents move apart and come back together, oceans come and go, mountains come and go, glaciers come and go, El Nino comes and goes, it's not a disaster, it's rhythmic. It's almost like a symphony, it's just like music. . .and what we are learning now is that you can't listen to a 5 billion-year long symphony, get to today, and say stop, we want tomorrow's note to be the same as it was today. It's absurd, just absurd. What we've got to learn now is where this planet is going and work with it . . ."

Edith Widder: How we found the giant squid

Teachers, there is some adult language in this one.