Suzanne Byerley

On this Blog's two year anniversary... a poem to Lily by Suzanne Byerley

Suzanne Byerley

Lily, I missed you this morning
          but here's what I saw......

Dozens of big and little white daisies
Bazillions of buttercups beaming
Lotsy of flopsy-winged creamy butterflies clapping
Just two teensy yellow ones fleeing
One dark green oak tree (you know the one)
Fat purple clover blossoms
Lavender wild geraniums jiggling
Two kissy-red wild roses
Milkweed coming along
Calf high corn
A solo orange tiger lily singing (just for you) and four billion buds
Packets of weensy gold pocketbook posies
(Somebody filled up the big groundhog hole in the road!)
And from its skinny little stem, one bedazzled blue chicory blossom
hollering "Lily, Lily."

Come home soon!

Suzanne wrote this poem to her granddaughter, Lily, while Lily was visiting her father. They were in the habit of taking 'nature' walks. What a gift Suz was to all of us.