Orca Welfare and Safety Act

THANK YOU, Mr. Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica,

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The movie, BLACKFISH, leads lawmaker to introduce bill.


NationofChange / News Report
Published: Saturday 8 March 2014
The proposed bill, (introduced by State assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica,) would make it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught” or “captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” 

"Currently, SeaWorld in San Diego is the only facility in California that has 10 orcas held in tanks for entertainment purposes and, if the bill were signed into law, the facility will be forced to make changes.

While many other aquariums around the world are proven to be just as successful without showcasing captive orcas, California might just be on pace to join India, Croatia, Hungary, Chile and Costa Rica in outlawing cetacean captivity altogether."

Legislation would make it illegal to breed, import, export or keep killer whales for entertainment purposes in California
Legislation proposed by a Santa Monica assemblyman could prohibit SeaWorld from keeping performing orcas at its San Diego park. (Bob Couey / Associated Press / January 20, 2003)