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Palm Oil Free Valentine's Day!

Your shampoo, your ice cream, your margarine, your lipstick -- all contain palm oil. Demand is still growing, as are oil palm plantations... but at what price to tropical forests and the biodiversity found there?   

A message from Patti Ragan and The Center for Great Apes:

Are you planning to give a gift of Valentine's Day candy?  You really never know what you're getting in that box of chocolates unless you read that label and check the ingredients for palm oil. Palm kernel oil is produced mainly in Southeast Asia where millions of acres of irreplaceable rainforest are destroyed each year to establish palm oil plantations. Hundreds of orangutans are killed each year as a result of the palm oil business, so please avoid buying products containing palm kernel oil. This special rainforest habitat is not only the last home to orangutans... but to many other endangered animals as well.

You can help. Take the time to make sure that the product you buy with Palm Oil is on the list of RSPO members. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil