Cats and catnip; animal rescue

Taking a Break.

 I'm going to take a couple weeks off to work on my new book--maybe even finish the first draft.

Here's a cute video. Thank you, Carol

It occurred to me that having a bag catnip with you on a walk in the woods might be just the thing to toss to the next mountain lion you meet on the trail. Or not. It might draw them in from miles around.

 A friend sent this to me this morning. (Thanks, Mary Elizabeth.) I wish I'd seen this article before traveling from Montana to California with Sully, the Ring-billed gull (See last month's posts). But it's more than just information about pet-friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, beaches, and dog parks, it also gives other information about the valuable of pets in the lives of their human companions.  

"Humans rescue animals, but animals show up for a reason—most humans can use some rescuing, as well."