Elephant in the Room

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Ever since I saw the grinning photo of the CEO of Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, sitting on the knee of the elephant he killed, I've been sickened. The money he's raking in from selling sandwiches, is financing his trophy hunting trips.



In October 2018, Liautaud was included in the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people. At this time, Forbes estimated Liautaud's documented wealth at $1.7 billion. Wikipedia

What makes me sicker is how helpless we are to do anything. Boycotts are a great idea, but how much would that cut into his billionaire status? He's beyond our reach.

Then a friend sent this video to me: Music for Elephants


And another sent me the story of her dog with a deformed leg and how she contacted Derrick Campana, and suggested I look at some videos of the work he's doing: Elephant prosthetic


There isn't anything I can do about a man like Liautaud. Boycotting a place I've never eaten in (and never will) isn't the way to get my heartache to stop. Sharing the good work people are doing to save animals, is a better use of my time and energy. Let the Liautauds, the Trump boys, and their ilk, come to their own end.