Shame, Shame, Shame.

What makes which bathroom a transgender child uses so important to The Donald? With all the other messes he's created in his one month in office, how did this violation of the civil rights of CHILDREN, float to the top of his agenda? 

Could where a child pees be more important than, for example, sitting down for your daily intelligence briefing, or assessing the cost to American taxpayers of your weekend flights to Palm Beach on Airforce One? 

Transgenderism is the result of a prenatal hormonal mix-up, not the choice a rebellious two-year-old child makes. You cannot say antisemitism and racism have to stop out of one side of your mouth, and consign children to ridicule and a life of discrimination out the other.

Jackie Evancho's sister

Trump at African-American History Museum denounces anti-semitism and racism: 'It has to stop.'

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