360 Ways to see an Elephant

Oddly, there is a scene in my novel Dolphin Sky where Buddy, my main character, is talking to Jane, the biologist about how differently we see the world. She's concerned that we will never solve any of our problems because we will never see eye to eye on anything. Here's the gist of the conversation:

"My mother used to say there are three hundred and sixty ways to see an elephant. That was her way of saying what you just said. We all see things differently. There are three hundred and sixty degrees in a circle. If the elephant is in the center, every one, at each degree, has a different view of him."        

"(So that) means as long as we (are) all looking at it from a different place, we're never gonna agree on what we see.

"We can all agree it’s an elephant.”

Doing the right thing starts with each of us.

Film from an elephant orphanage

Baby elephants bathing

Adult elephant visiting a pool