The Slug Return-ith

I've been living the high (seas) life for the last 3 weeks, aboard the Celebrity Constellation. We sailed from Southampton on November 30th and arrived in Miami on the 15th of December. For 3 weeks, I neither cooked a meal for myself, made a bed, did a load of laundry, fed a cat or a bird, raked leaves, built a fire in the woodstove, or started a car engine. I'm virtually a shell of the contributing member of society that I was prior to November 30th. I played bridge every morning, and reworte an old novel in the afternoons. In between I ate 3 meals a day, leaving my dirty dishes on the table for someone else to wash. I did not go unpunished and came down with the upper respiratory infection which is still hanging on.

I've managed to get through most of the 986 emails that awaited, and most of my mail. In a few days I will fine some wonderful animal to talk about. In the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Lisbon, Portugal

Buses waiting to take people on excursions.
I didn't bother.

Food being loaded on the ship. I took this responsibility seriously,
and ate religiously--every chance I had.

Tenerife, Canary Islands
We met Joseph Sanchez in Tenerife, who took us on a wonderful tour of the island.
Thank you, Joseph.

Tenerife Opera house and Twin Towers

This is terrific, inspiring video, and a reminder of how children sometimes thrive
in spite of their circumstances. 

A nice review of Lost in the River of Grass