A First Anniversary note about Friendship

On July 31st of last year I posted this picture by Mike Owyang, and launched Ginny's Friends. Frankly, I couldn't think of anything else to call a blog I let a friend talk me into starting. Over the ensuing months I've thought about changing the name to something like All They Need is Love, or WritingWrongs, or holding a contest for a title. But really, as mundane and uninformative as the title Ginny's Friends is, it is accurate. Since the first real post on August 7th 2011, over 20,000 pairs of eyes have read what I've had to say. That is true friendship.

What I had in mind when I started this was to give kids, who've written beautiful, heart-felt e-mails about the impact of my books on their lives, a place to continue to express themselves. A few have, but I forgot that kids move on. So while I was waiting for the next volunteer, I started filling in the gaps, always with the goal of somehow making a difference--no matter how small.

As a little thank you for your loyalty, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures of friendships.

My friend Briza's dog, Trigger. She went to get a dachshund and came home with a Great Dane who couldn't keep any food down, and was going to be put to sleep. The puppy, who nearly died of Parvo, has a dream of her own.

Tanya & Brent's rescued greyhound Jenny with Needles,
who was a stray.

Not sure where I got this, but it's too wonderful not to pass on.

Speaking of making small changes, this is a TED video.
Giles Duley gave up life as a fashion photographer to document the stories of the forgotten. He tells us of lives lost and found -- including his own. Watch now >>