Guest Blog: Buster Brown by Natalie

When I started this blog 11 months ago, I envisioned stories like this one, sent by the kids who've written to tell me about their pets. This one is from Natalie, who is 13 and will be entering the 8th grade in the fall. I hope it will encourage the more reticent. GR
Buster Brown

Buster Brown is my sweet, 13 year old, dun fjord/welsh mix (we think). Together we do eventing but both really love to jump! He's come a long way since the Buster my mother bought when he was 6 for my sister. Buster couldn't be a sweeter, or better, pony! 

My family bought him from a horse dealer who had bought him from a cattle farm where he lived with the cows. He was green (inexperienced) and stubborn but my sister brought him up well, (teaching) him all he knows. Jumping was just a blast for him from the start! I think he too loves the feeling of flight that comes with it! Dressage, on the other hand, is still hard coming because of his squat pony body (I do love your figure, Buster) but we try and still love it.

Natalie and Buster

We have changed each other, for sure. I know that I am a far better person because he is always there for me and I believe he is a better pony because I am always there for him. He lives on our property with our retired appaloosa mare, Calypso. The two are such a sweet pair! My sister has ridden many horses, learning a little from each, but Buster Brown taught her the most of them all, as he did for me, too. Through all of the heartache of gaining then loosing so many horses, he and Calypso haven't budged and seem to offer all they (can) to help us and make us feel better. Sometimes, I will stand beside him and he will lick my hand like a really big dog for what seem like long stretches of time (honestly, it's probably just until he decides that there's more salt in the salt block then on my hands). Nonetheless, it always cheers me up! So, for always, he will be my little man!

Buster Brown