Guest Blog: My Life by Jeremy Cimino

Ahhh, my 7th grade year, that was a good time--laughing, joking and just having a good time. I must say the best part of my 7th grade year was finding my best friend.

Around the middle of 7th grade my mom and I decided to volunteer at Dream Catchers Equine Rescue. Dream Catchers is the home of my best friend, Geronimo. I met him the first day of volunteering; he had been starved by his previous owner, without a bit of hay. I give all my thanks to my mom and Julie. If it hadn't been for them my dream wouldn't have come true. Julie is the one who found Geronimo and gave him a second chance at a better life. My mom found their ad in the newspaper and decided to go volunteer. If she didn't do that Geronimo and I wouldn't be one.

So this is where the adventure begins. The first day we connected was a feeling I very rarely feel. I could tell Geronimo needed me and I needed him. We would help each other through thick and thin, for better or for worse. It was meant to be, God brought me here for a reason--to help Geronimo get better and live a happy life. Geronimo is my best friend; he helps me. When we are together the whole world melts away. Everything is gone, it's just me and him together forever as one.

Throughout the days that have gone by we grew closer and closer. Everything got better, and they still are. He was born a stallion--a life of loneliness. He couldn't run or play with the other horses in the field, or be with another horse. But when he arrived he was put next to another stallion, Rae. Now, Rae was my mom's best friend. She loved him with all her heart. Rae became Geronimo's friend too, and they loved each other. Rae had cancer and had to be put down two weeks ago.

Geronimo keeps going strong. I don't think he knows Rae is in a better place now and is happy again. The relationship between Geronimo and me keeps building. Just a few days ago, Geronimo was gelded which means he can run and play in the vast fields that have been awaiting him. So this is where our adventure ends, with the horse that means the world to me and that I'd do anything for. Together now and forever in the future days that await us, with more adventures to come.

Jeremy Cimino

Age 13