Action Readers

I got a Google Alert that Hurt Go Happy was being reviewed on a new blog so, of course, I peeked. The review is very nice and, as always, I'm grateful, but more importantly this site encourages readers to read and take action. I'm rather into that concept myself.

Nag. Nag. Have you called in support of the bill to protect primates in research? H.R. 1512

Here was Laurie's comment following the review:

My Action: I'm going to round up a crew of people to go see the new documentary Project Nim when it hits my town the week of September 8, then double check that I am not personally consuming any goods or services tested on animals. (I'm pretty vigilant about this, but it's easy for a new product to sneak through...)

Another comment the site inspired came from a teacher: "I think my action step will be to grade my students next papers "blind." That is, I'll have them put their Uni ID on them instead of names, because the protagonist in The Way Things Are blatantly favors one of her children. I want to make sure I don't favor any of my 'kids' (or the reverse.)"

The blogsite is Action Readers Read Widely. Act Joyfully. Change the World.